Tell NYC Mayor-Elect de Blasio to Drop the Appeal

On October 31, 2013, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit granted the City of New York’s request to stay the remedial process ordered in CCR’s landmark stop and frisk lawsuit, Floyd v. the City of New York. The order also reassigned the Floyd case to a different district court judge.
The order does not overturn the landmark August 2013 ruling that found that the NYPD engaged in unconstitutional and racially discriminatory stops. However, the October 31 order does mean that the remedial process will not begin until the City’s appeal is decided.

This remedial process was intended to bring together affected communities, elected officials, the police, and attorneys representing parties in the case to develop reforms that will ensure the NYPD is in compliance with the Constitution. Earlier in the month of October, community groups, labor organizations, elected officials and other allies declared this process urgently needed to move forward as the communities they represented were going to be harmed from ongoing delays.

The City’s stay motion represents an eleventh-hour attempt by the outgoing New York City Mayor and the NYPD Police Comissioner to have the last word at the expense of people whose rights have been violated and who have demonstrated that they are urgently waiting for this remedial process to move forward.

All Mayor-elect de Blasio has to do is Drop the Appeal, Start the Reforms.

Take Action: Tell NYC Mayor-Elect de Blasio to Drop the Floyd Appeal, Start the Reforms Sign the Petition.